Find the perfect fit for your horse

The search for a good saddle soon becomes important when you become an owner. We will ride more often, and for our horse, it is also the opportunity to have a saddle that suits him. Get cwd used saddles for your horse.

When looking for a saddle, there are 3 main factors to consider

The morphology of your horse, the most important part of the horse when choosing the saddle is the tourniquet, it is imperative that the opening of it is adapted with the tourniquet of your horse. If your horse has a pronounced it will take a narrow opening and if it melted into his shoulders, it will be better to take a wide opening.

Your morphology, it will determine the size of the saddle; Of course, a child will not grow to the same size as an adult! But beware the measurements of the English saddles are different from the western saddles.

Your budget will of course also have a lot of importance. In leather or synthetic, the saddle will not cost the same price. To have first bought in a synthetic saddle, I can tell you that the leather for our butt is much more comfortable.

A saddle adapted to the rider

  • Equestrian disciplines

There are dressage saddles, long neighborhoods, not at all adapted to the obstacle. Obstacle saddles have cleats at the front and back of the quarters to wedge the bent leg. For recreational riding, prefer a mixed saddle.

  • Used saddle

A used saddle has two advantages, it is often a saddle not expensive and in addition, it is already "broken" by the previous rider. This means that the leather is made and the tree has already taken the form of the rider.

Before you buy a horse saddle, you must ask yourself several questions and avoid falling into certain errors that you would regret later. Your future saddle must be adapted to the rider, it is certain, but also, and especially, to the horse for which it is intended. So, you will find the right fit for your horse.

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