Used equipment is still good if i is leather

All riders will tell you, buy a good saddle has a financial cost! Without money, difficult to purchase a saddle.
To buy a good saddle, the first thing to do is to know which style saddle is sought and what discipline (jumping, dressage ...).
The second thing is to determine its budget.

No saddles first prices

Before you begin, set an absolute care! New leather saddles first prices (less than 600 US dollars) should be avoided. They are made by people from countries that are often referred to as developing countries, who have no knowledge of how a jumper works. The materials are of very poor quality.

With this kind of production, you may:
1. Hurt your horse
2. Hurt you
3. A high level of insecurity because the construction is done anyhow. They are often asymmetrical, they do nothing and dampen the leather ages very badly. Finally, they are not retouchable nor modifiable.

Used saddles for sale

For smaller budgets, it is better to turn to the used leather saddles. They exist of good quality and good brand. This is what offers Equitack: used saddles for sale!

They are a good way to get a good seat for a small price, proportional to the new value of the saddle, and his condition and age.
It limits the risk of inadequacy of the saddle.
Before paying the saddle , you need to test it. The seat must be in good condition and it must suit the horse and the rider. This is why at Equitack , you have a period of 14 days from receipt of your order to test your saddle.

After, if the saddle doesn't please you, Equitack can exchange or refund it.

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