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Horseback riding are often a dangerous sport. Riding safely means staying comfortable and not letting injuries ruin your fun. Safety equipment won't keep you completely injury free, but within the case of an accident, may help reduce the severity of injuries. Wearing and using things sort of a helmet, riding boots, a crash vest, and safety stirrups can make your ride safer and if you are a novice rider, may cause you to feel more confident within the saddle. So get yourself a used english saddles for sale.

Riding Helmet

If you invest in no other piece of kit, you ought to a minimum of buy a riding helmet. In an interview with Riders4Helmet's co-founder Lyndsey White, she quotes a NEISS (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System) study that indicates that within the year 2007, 12,000 head injuries were caused by handling and slump horses. She also quotes a neurosurgeon that claims horseback riding accounts for many sports caused head injuries. Can we link to the present or verify? There are many arguments against wearing a helmet, but most are just excuses, and a refusal to seem at the truth that riding a horse may be a risky endeavor, regardless of how well trained, old, or quiet our horses could also be .The horse world within the previous couple of years has lost several accomplished riders, even Olympic-level competitors, all because they weren't wearing helmets.


Boots serve two purposes. A boot with a little heel will help prevent your foot slipping through the stirrup and supply some protection if your toes get trampled. Tall boots also protect your leg from chaffing while you ride and from getting scraped by branches and shrubs as you trail ride.


There are many sorts of stirrups with features to assist you stay comfortable and stop your foot from sliding through if you're taking a fall. If your foot runs through the stirrup once you fall, you'll be dragged and badly hurt. Safety stirrups lessen the danger of your foot getting jammed.

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