Neely equestrian center

Do you like horses or you've always wanted to ride a horse? This equestrian center is made for you. You will find your happiness. Designed especially for those who love animals or want to get acquainted with these animals, the center opens its doors to visitors. Whether you are a curious, an amateur or a professional equestrian, you can always come to us.

A horse ranch in a beautiful place

A ranch is always synonymous with calm and countryside. One immediately has this image worthy of a western film when one evokes this subject. Ours does not derive from the rule. Indeed, our ranch is in a quiet and peaceful place where everyone can admire nature while discovering the passion for horses. Installed in a serene place, our aim is to give a full bloom to our animals but also to those who wish to know them. You can come to us simply to recharge and to admire the calm. You can even discover unusual places on horseback or live unprecedented adventures by being transported by these animals.

Why choose us ?

Of course, there are several horse ranchs and equestrian centers. But we have special strengths that differentiate us from others. Indeed, our horses were trained by professionals. They are used to humans and so are gentle and kind. In addition, we also provide our clients with professional instructors who can lead teams or groups. We also have ponies for young children. So, they can also make a horse. They can even take courses to become professional riders. Depending on the needs of everyone, these courses are given in groups or in particular. With regard to the essential equipment for this practice, whether for leisure or for sport, we have it all.

Your most reliable address for horse riding equipment online

Horseback riding are often a dangerous sport. Riding safely means staying comfortable and not letting injuries ruin your fun. Safety equipment won't keep you completely injury free, but within the case of an accident, may help reduce the severity of injuries. Wearing and using things sort of a helmet, riding boots, a crash vest, and safety stirrups can make your ride safer and if you are a novice rider, may cause you to feel more confident within the saddle. So get yourself a used english (used english saddles for sale) [...]

Click here to access the used saddles for sale at Equitack :

Click here to access the used saddles for sale at Equitack :
As known, many people are now daily purchasing a horse for their own usage, and more of them have no idea on how to breed them, or how to entertain them correctly. Anyway, there are now many websites designed for horse on the web now, that are greatly practicable in a way to know everything about them.How to entertain his horse?As said, particular’s horses are now greatly increasing nowadays, but most of these new owners are so bad in terms of entertaining them. Anyway, this is ( [...]

Welcome to Equitack : The experts in saddle restoration

Welcome to Equitack : The experts in saddle restoration
Everywhere around the world, many horses are daily adopted by a particular, for their own business, according their own reasons, that appears to them. However, the majority of those new owners are seriously bad, in terms of entertaining them.How to entertain his horse?Obviously, it is good to adopt a horse for his own usage, and profits of is great riding time. Anyway, in order to perfectly benefits of them, it is a priority for all owners to fully take care of them, in a way to keep (equitack) [...]

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